WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Apk Download 2017

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WhatsApp plus one of the most popular third-party app and I would say alternative app for regular Whatsapp users who use official WhatsApp app. There is nothing wrong in using the official app but you won’t get some of the features that this version of WhatsApp plus apk could give you which you won’t be able to find in an official application.

But before I share new Whatsapp plus apk with you let me clear one thing that Whatsapp plus apk is a third-party application which is not developed by Whatsapp itself. It is developed by individual developers who have not associated anyway with Whatsapp but it doesn’t mean that Whatsapp plus is not safe to use. It’s totally safe to use.

whatsapp plus apk download

So, before you download and install Whatsapp plus on your Android phone and start using this amazing app. Let me tell you about some unique features that Whatsapp Plus apk provide you.

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest Version

Here is the latest version of Whatsapp plus mod apk which is newer version mod apk which recently updated with lots of new features and many bugs are fixed and now fully compatible and responsive in tablet layout. So, to download WhatsApp plus apk click on below download apk button and it will take you to download page from where you can download the latest version of WhatsApp plus apk.

WhatApp Plus Application Information

Application Name: WhatsApp Plus

App Size: 41 MB

Supported Android Version: Android 4.0 or higher

Package Name: com.whatsap2plus

Updated: 8 Oct 2017

Whatsapp Plus Apk Download

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Features of WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp plus comes with lots of new features and some benefits which you won’t be able to find in the official app. Here I’ve listed few of the main advantage and features that make your life much easier.

Privacy Features In WhatsApp Plus Apk

One of the biggest advantages of using Whatsapp plus is privacy features which are really very useful for every Whatsapp messenger users because privacy is the most important thing and with these unique built-in features of this apk you will get another level of privacy. Here is the list of few privacy features that you’ll get with this app.

Offline/Hide Online Status: You’re now in full control so, If you don’t want to show offline status and hide online status even if you’re online then there is built in feature which enables you to do it on a tap of a finger.

Sent Status/Hide Blue Tick: Yes, Now you can hide blue tick from your friends and group members even if you’re receiving messages and reading. This is the most useful feature I would say.

Hide Writing Notifier Tick: Yes, This option enables you to hide writing tick while you’re typing a message in chat.

Hide View Status: You can hide view status which allows you to view anyone’s status without showing them that you’ve actually viewed their status. Really useful feature to check your girlfriend’s status without letting her know about it.

Lock Any Particular conversion/chat: This feature allows you to lock any specific chat and conversion which you want to protect from other even if they have got access to your phone because here you can lock any individual conversion right for the WhatsApp plus app itself. So, even if you’re not locking Whatsapp app entirely still you’re safe.

New Cool Features

Copy someone’s Status: Sometimes when you’re browsing through someone’s profile you find an interesting status message which you want to copy but unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to do that but with Whatsapp plus mod apk you can copy anyone’s status and set as your own.

Always Online Status: If you want to trick your friend by showing that you’re always online now you can do that just turn on always an online option and now this will show that you’re online even if you’re not.

Increased Status Character Limit: Sometimes you found interesting message or quote which you want to set as a status but due to small character limit you’re unable to do that but by using Whatsapp plus you can set status up to 255 characters size.

Customizable & Personalized Themes/Styles: Whatsapp Plus allows you to customize every aspect of the application according to your choice and as you wish anything from background to application icon as well.

Send Images & Other Media Files In HD: As we all know Whatsapp compress every file before sending so, in between this process image quality get affected but with this mod application you’re able to send images in HD and full resolution.

Change Application Launcher Icon: In this new version of WhatsApp mod apk, you can set custom launcher icon for as you like which is not very much important but still very useful feature.

As you can see that there are lots of benefits of using Whatsapp plus instead of Offical application So, now without wasting more time just download whatsapp plus apk for Android and follow these simple steps to install Whatsapp plus on Android without losing older chat and conversions.

How To Install WhatsApp Plus Apk Without Losing Older Chat/Conversions

Once you’ve downloaded the latest version of Whatsapp plus apk from our website the Installation is very simple just follow these steps to install this application without losing past chat and any conversions or anything.

  1. First of all download latest version of Whatsapp Plus apk from Here. If you haven’t already.
  2. Another thing if you’re currently using official WhatsApp application right now please take a complete backup of chat and older conversations by going to Settings >> Chat >> Backup and click on backup full chat option and save it.
  3. Now, You’ve to remove official apk in order to use Whatsapp plus but don’t worry because of we’ve already taken backup of everything so, you can re-upload backup so, you don’t lose any chat history or anything.
  4. Now, Install Whatsapp Plus apk but make sure that you’ve enabled your device to allow apps to install which are downloaded from unknown sources. To enable that just goto Android Settings >> Security >> Allow Apps to install from Unknown sources.
  5. Now install Whatsapp plus app on your device. It will ask you to accept simple terms & conditions Just click on AGREE & CONTINUE and now it will ask you for some permissions to access message and contacts etc. just allow it and proceed.
  6. Now, Enter your mobile number and Verify as usual and now it will ask you for restore backup.
  7. Now, simply click on restore to latest backup and it will automatically take backup it might take some time.
  8. Now, simply upload the profile picture and set your WhatsApp dp and enter your name and start using.

Required Device Permissions to use WhatsApp Plus

  • Allow Internet Access
  • Background Tasks Kill
  • Access To Location Using Maps, GPS
  • Access To Bluetooth, WiFi, Camera, NFC, Microphone
  • Access to Send SMS & Gmail Account
  • Access to Read Contact & Messages,
  • External Storage Access
  • Audio Settings Recording Audio, Vibration for notification

WhatsApp Plus for IOS & Windows Phone

If you’re looking for Whatsapp plus for iPhone/IOS and windows device then currently it is not available. As you probably know that iPhone and IOS devices, in general, don’t allow any third-party application to install on their device and also same is the case with windows due to few issues currently we’re unable to provide you any solution for this. But our team is working on it and hopefully, in near future, we’re able to provide you Whatsapp plus apk for IOS and Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions about Whatsapp Plus Apk


1) Do I need to root my Android phone to use Whatsapp plus?

No, WhatsApp plus doesn’t require root access to your device at all so, you don’t need to worry about that.

2) Can I use Whatsapp Plus on my iPhone or Windows Phone

No currently, Whatsapp plus is not available for IOS and Windows devices and above provided is application is APK file which only supported in Android.

3) Is it possible to use 2 Whatsapp plus on the same device?

Yes, it is possible to use 2 different accounts on the same device but for that, you need to GbWhatsapp which allows you to do that.

4) Do I have to uninstall official Whatsapp application to use this?

Yes, If you’re not using Gbwhatsapp or Whatsapp application then you’ve to uninstall official apk before installing this one because you can’t use both at the same time.

5) Is it safe to use this application?

Yes, whatsapp+ is completely safe to use and if you’re thinking that by using this application Whatsapp will ban your account then it’s not true. This application is totally safe to use.

6) Does Whatsapp+ contain any virus or malware?

No obviously not, If you’re downloading Whatsapp Plus from our website then you don’t have to worry about anything this application is clean and doesn’t contain any virus and malware.


Finally, It’s time to wrap this up and hopes you find this WhatsApp plus apk useful and if you face any issue while downloading and installing WhatsApp Plus on your Android device please let us know in the comment section below. If you’re using this application please share your reviews and what kind of features do you need please let us know.

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